Crying Apple vs. Laughing Apple

  Once upon a time. Once upon a time, there was a sultan and his three sons. They lead a happy life in their country. One day, while the little boy was sitting in his mansion, he saw an old woman coming to get water from the fountain in the street. The boy threw a small stone into the grandma's jug and broke the jug. Granny went home without saying anything. She took another jug and came back to the fountain. This time the boy threw a stone and broke the jug. Granny went back to her home in silence. The next day, he came back to the fountain in his hand. The boy saw the grandmother coming from above and immediately took another stone in his hand. He threw it at a suitable moment and broke the jug again. Grandma raised her head. - Hey son, I wouldn't say anything. I wish Mevla said that he would fall in love with the crying apple and the smiling apple, and left. After a few days, the boy started to worry about what his grandmother said. He really fell in love wi